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Felix A. Poteate II (USN) Retired

Chief Operating Officer

Felix A. Poteate II, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, established Invest N Others LLC in 2018. The company is a professional consulting firm that focuses on investing in individuals and organizations. His focus is to invest in youth, individuals, professionals, and​ organizations who desire to improve or grow. Mr. Poteate's vision is to offer creative and innovative strategies and solutions to influence change, facilitate individual growth, and enhance organizational success through effective and meaningful professional consulting services.


Mr. Poteate is an accomplished and results-oriented executive with over 25 years of expertise in business management, education, military service, health care, veteran affairs eligibility, physical safety and security, fire arm safety, crisis communication industries, food safety, funeral services, telecommunications, life and health insurance, manufacturing, waste management, recycling, water treatment, transportation safety, and education and training industries. Mr. Poteate holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from American Intercontinental University and a Masters's degree in Social Work from Ohio State University.